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You do not have to do anything special to be able to deduct our fees as a business expense and therefore a tax deduction.

for your record-keeping we invoice.

How can we be the difference, for your company?

If your product is being downloaded illegally, we have the ultimate solution.

We take the whole thing away, That means, we take-down Online links, remove search results, from Google and Bing, that shows were to get your content, for “free” with keygen, cracks, patch, torrents, reg key, etc. And yes, it is Seo friendly, we only remove, what is a threat.

We also take-down the online links, on Usenet, pirate search engines, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and what else, we can find.

My daughter is being bullied online, and there is nude pictures going around.

This is absolutely unacceptable, and you came to the right place.

Contact us, and lets do something about it, with the lowest cost, for your family.

What is the best solution against piracy?

We provide a all around solution, And that means that we go after online links, search engines, facebook, youtube, UseNet, etc. that also include serials, crack, hacks, because it is nessesary.

Why choose filesharehunter?

Because, we provide, the worlds best Anti-piracy solution, and don’t just, take-down online links, that will reappear after a few days. 

We are a company, who takes care of our customers, and we set high pride in making our customers happy, and satisfied.

We also have a good human side, and are not powered by greed, and cold business.

Small client, are as important, as big clients.

we go a long way for our clients.

There is no surprise, when you hire us. The price we agree on stays, and takedowns are included.

We pay Danish taxes, and Don’t support something like islamic state, or other crazy things.

Most important, we take this very seriously, and  don’t provide half of the solution.

Is there an easy way to see how exposed my work is?

Yes. a good way to see it, is to folow this File search engine

But keep in mind that this is only about 25% of how exposed your work is.

How much does it cost to send a DMCA takedown notice?

You can send a DMCA Takedown notice on your own for free. Our service cost depends on how many notices need to be sent. Our fees start at 35$. We offer volume discounts, no setup fees or annual contracts. We offer free advise no matter what size client – even if you want to do it yourself. just go to the contact page.

How long will it take, to see results?

it depends on how popular your content is. when we start, there is a lot of work to be done cleaning up.

But usually after two weeks, there are results. 

How do I pay? How do I cancel?

It depends, on the agreement, we have made.

When we receive payment, we go directly to work.

For some clients, the best solutions, is, that we clean everything up, and for others, they need us to keep on monitoring, for their content.

We invoice once a month via e-mail. We use paypal.

If you want to cancel, just contact us, Please note, that we require 30 day notice, if you have a subscription.

Remember, You do not have to do anything special to be able to deduct our fees as a business expense and therefore a tax deduction.

How is your pricing structured?

Our pricing is structured based on the number of infringements and the level of complexity involved in human verification of the infringements. For these reasons, we offer a complimentary evaluation report. Complexity around verification can happen when a product or title is too common of a word or has been used by other copyright holders. We establish ignore patterns to minimize this and modify our search algorithms, but nonetheless, the level of human analysis can vary from copyright holder to copyright holder.

Not 2 copyright holders, are the same, so there is different and custom plans for everyone.

Remember, There is no surprices, when you make a subscription. The price we agree on stays, and takedowns are included.

You do not have to do anything special to be able to deduct our fees as a business expense and therefore a tax deduction.

We are a company from Denmark.

Copyright Security Company:

We specialize in keeping your copyrighted work safe online.

You can see us, as your online copyright security company.

We go directly after the links, who share your work, Illegally.

We watch all the major sites, who provide illegal downloads.

We Don’t think that it is enough just to take-down the links, that is why we go all in.

We set high pride in our work.

We are all the time evolving, to be better.

We have 15 years of experience in file sharing monitoring.

Always great service, reliable, and fast execution.

We watch the whole world online, so borders is no limit.

You are always welcome to contact us, online, or by phone.

My name is Tim Christensen and I am the creator of I have an IT background and plenty of experience in providing anti-piracy solutions and Copyright Security Company – because when you’re in the IT industry, you can really feel the need of that. As I got better and better in what I do, I decided I just have to share my gifts with the general public, and especially since more and more people are now investing their time and money in online businesses.

Believe me, even if you don’t know it yet, if you don’t use an anti-piracy system, someone is stealing from you right this second.

It has to stay cheap, and affordable, but most important, it has to be done, with the client, seeing that we take this very seriously.

I, have done few pro bone cases, just to show, the impact of our anti piracy solution,Copyright Security Company and I teach new content creators, how to protect their work online.

We are now a group of people who protect online,Copyright Security Company and against pirated file sharing.

Copyright Security Company

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Copyright Security Company
Copyright Security Company
Copyright Security Company